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E-M:/ Rip Current Awareness Week in the Great Lakes

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Public Information Statement

535 am EDT Mon Jun 04 2007

...This is rip current awareness week from June 3rd to June 9th...

NOAA's National Weather Service and National Sea Grant program in 
partnership with the United States lifesaving association will be 
working together this week to raise awareness about the dangers of 
rip currents and to promote beach safety.  Research is also being 
conducted to develop and improve the ability to predict the 
occurrence and strength of rip currents.  The goal of this awareness 
Campaign and research is to reduce the number of rip current related 

The following is a schedule of topics to be discussed through the 

Sunday......introduction to rip currents
Monday......rip current episodes on the Great Lakes
Tuesday.....How to recognize rip currents
Wednesday...how rip currents form
Thursday....types of rip currents
Friday......rip current and beach safety tips
Saturday....organizing a beach safety task force

A rip current is a strong...Narrow Channel of water that flows from 
the shore out into the lake or sea.  It develops when breaking waves 
push onshore...then Gravity pulls the water back out into the lake 
or sea. Nationally...rip currents are the second deadliest 
weather-related hazard behind only excessive heat.

The National lifesaving association estimates that over 100 drownings
deaths annually are caused by rip currents with a six-year average of
7 drownings per year in the Great Lakes alone.  In the past three 
years...26 people have died due to rip currents along the shores of 
the Great Lakes...including 7 in a three-hour period on July 4th 
2003 along the southwest Michigan shore.

With increasing Great Lakes shore populations...rip currents will 
continue to be a serious hazard at surf beaches.  To learn more 
about how rip currents form...how to spot them and how to survive 
them...see the web site at www.ripcurrents.noaa.gov (all lower case 
letters).  The time you take to understand rip currents can help you 
protect yourself and loved ones when visiting the beaches this 

Later today...we will take a look at rip current events that have 
occurred within the Great Lakes.

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