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E-M:/ discussion of Gore's Assault on Reason

Al Gore?s ?An Assault on Reason?


Book Discussion led by Beryl Schwartz, Editor & Publisher, City Pulse Newspaper;  Tracy Dobson, Prof. MSU Dept of Fisheries & Wildlife;  Doug Kelley, Dir. (ret) Extension & Continuing Education, U of M-Flint and Democratic National Convention Delegate 2004.  Copies of this book will be on sale with a 20% discount for those attending the book discussion.


Schuler Books, 1982 W. Grand River Ave. at Okemos Rd.  517-349-8840   www.schulerbooks.com.


7:30 pm, Thursday, June 7, free.  Bring a friend.

Tracy Dobson, J.D.
Professor, Fisheries & Wildlife
Michigan State University
13 Natural Resources Bldg.
E. Lansing 48824-1222
fax: 432-1699