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E-M:/ Re: Midland power plant

thanks for your call ..
I just read MLive link sent by Kathy Henry (to EnviroMich) re the 'open house' ..
I guess it's a darned if you do, darned if you don't, kind of thing, in terms of you making a special trip up here for it.  I imagine it *will* be mostly a well-polished, PR sort of 'song and dance' ...
I think, too .. they are testing the waters, just to see what kind of response (push back) they might get.
I assume some news media folks will cover it .. so, I guess, in that regard .. if there are some opposing voices, it could be good.   On the other hand .. the private venture nature of it leads me to question whether there is anything, ultimately, that CAN be done, to stop it.  Perhaps in the rezoning hearing process .. but city of Midland sides pretty regularly with industry, I imagine.
kim winchell
(and, I am actually a Freeland resident .. so, it's not like I have the standing of an actual Midland resident)

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