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E-M:/Wetland Destruction

I don’t know if this posting. Please note the following info on Floodplain and Wetland Filling Application on the Pere Marquette River.


I apologize if this appears as multiple posting; however some may not have received the website or saw it. Please send comments after viewing this website and with the remaining 48 hours voice what you see. Please note that any public notice of application will over 300 cubic yards of fill must be included in the notice. This is of course a gross amount and with the dirt being removed and then refilled according to the plans this amount will be exceeded.  Although you will certainly find biased in my words, as so seems the purpose of a listserv, but that biased in my minds eye is righteous. There is an old saying “Prove All Things” please look at the proof and let your voices be a joyful noise as you see it.  http://mysite.verizon.net/rest409w/  Thank you for your time.



Jefferson F. Henry