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E-M:/ Levin and Stabenow on fuel economy in energy bill

From: "NRDC Action Fund - Frances Beinecke" <members@nrdcaction.org>
To: "Alexander Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com>
Subject: The automakers want to stick it to you again. Fight back!

Dear Alexander,

Grab your phone! The U.S. Senate will cast a vote tonight or
tomorrow that will determine whether America starts kicking the
oil habit and breaking the automakers' stranglehold on our
environmental future.

At long last, the Senate is on the verge of passing an energy
bill that would improve fuel economy standards for our
gas-guzzling nation. The vast majority of Americans want these
tougher standards -- to break our oil addiction, slash global
warming pollution and save billions of dollars at the pump.

But the auto giants are not about to surrender their hammerlock
on your car, your environment and your wallet without a fight.
They've engineered an amendment that would throw America into
full reverse.

Compared to the 35 mpg standard in the energy bill, their
Pryor-Levin-Bond Amendment would raise our gasoline bill (by
$31 billion) . . . worsen our addiction to oil (by 800,000
barrels per day) . . . and increase global warming pollution
(equal to 20 million more cars and trucks!).

Fight back by calling your two Senators tonight if at all
possible -- or else Friday morning:

Senator Carl Levin
(202) 224-6221

Senator Debbie Stabenow
(202) 224-4822

Your Senators' staffers will be happy to register your opinion
on this fast-moving amendment. Urge your Senators:

* Vote NO on the Pryor-Levin-Bond amendment to the energy bill

* If the Pryor-Levin-Bond amendment passes, then vote NO on the
energy bill (H.R. 6).

If you get your Senator's answering machine, please leave a
message opposing the amendment. If the voice mailbox is full,
please try again Friday morning. Every call counts!

After you've placed your call, please reply to this email
message so we can track the progress of our campaign on Capitol

We've waited two decades for Congress to pass legislation that
could start breaking the chains of our enslavement to oil. We
have a rare opportunity to do that this week -- if we can beat
back this disastrous amendment.

Call your Senators now. Tell them to obey the will of the
people, not the bidding of the car companies!


Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund

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