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Re: E-M:/ bat-lessness?

We're in the SE corner of Livingston County near the SE Branch of the Huron River
and we seem to a very healthy bat population, perhaps more than last year. Earlier in the spring it seemed the population was down for awhile, but suddenly they're everywhere, especially around 5:00 in the morning when they are returning to roost in a hollow ornamental beam on the east side of our house and in the bat house on the north side of the house. They put on a marvelous display of swooping and dodging, landing on the house with soft thuds.

Though I know little about bats, these have been identified as big brown bats.

One thing that is less than previous years is the mosquito population in our yard! Yay!

A. :-)

On Jun 25, 2007, at 1:22 PM, <gannonj@windsor.ijc.org> wrote:

Hi Everyone:  We are noticing that the bat population seems really low thus far this spring/summer.  This is usually the prime season for them to be out at dusk feeding on insects.  We live near the Huron River between Dexter and Pinckney in SE MI and have never observed so few bats in the 20 years we've lived here. 
Anyone else noticing possible reduced numbers of bats?  Any cuase-effect info?
John Gannon