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E-M:/ Scary side of global warming

Enviro-Mich message from Larry Nooden <ldnum@umich.edu>

There's an article about it in Science 316 (8 June 2007): 1412

Many of the possible/likely consequences have been down played by special interests to further their own profits, e.g., the coal and oil industries and their political proxies. This is totally out of line with the scientific community and the research data which are now very good. Many changes like sea level rises have been greatly underestimated by omitting factors like melting of the Greenland ice cap which we know is accelerating. Likewise for inland desertification.

The public is being lulled into more complacency (they have already had 20+ years of this) by the disinformation campaigns which are again in high gear. It's time to confront some of the harsh truths, and further delays will hurt Michigan's economy further (e.g., more shrinkage of an unprepared, uncompetitive US auto industry plus other problems). Imagine the economic and environmental differences today if realistic preparations had started 20 years ago.

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