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E-M:/ MDEQ enforcement action on Carlton Farms landfill in Wayne County

June 27, 2007

Contact:  Robert McCann
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Settlement Reached with Republic Services at Carleton Farms Landfill

The Department of Environmental Quality has reached a settlement with Republic Services of Michigan I, LLC, to resolve alleged violations of Michigan?s solid waste regulations and the operating license for the Carleton Farms Landfill in Wayne County.  The administrative order signed by the two parties provides for a compliance program to correct the alleged violations, a civil fine of $94,000, and the reimbursement to the state of $5,500 in costs. 

In July 2006, instability of the waste mass occurred on the west slope area in a portion of the landfill resulting in the movement of solid waste outside of the area authorized by the landfill?s operating license.  This incident additionally caused cracking of the daily and interim cover, exposed waste, the escape of landfill gas and odors, infiltration of storm water into the waste, and an inability to ensure proper leachate levels in the landfill cell.  Republic responded by constructing a clay buttress to stop the movement of the waste mass, suspending leachate recirculation at the landfill, and initiating studies regarding the causes of the movement and effectiveness of the corrective measures. 

The order calls for Republic to conduct further studies and take actions to address the impacts resulting from the movement of wastewater treatment plant sludge and other solid waste outside of the cell.  These actions include implementing plans to remove excess liquids in the cell and monitoring the moisture content and stability of the waste mass.  Under the order, Republic will also inspect and maintain the cell?s interim cover, evaluate the leachate collection system, address the waste outside the licensed area, and design and construct a landfill cap over the waste mass to limit the infiltration of precipitation and creation of additional leachate in the areas of the landfill affected by the waste movement. 

Republic will continue to address the release of landfill gas and odors under an administrative order entered in June 2006.  In addition, Republic must conduct an evaluation and demonstrate that stability will be maintained as part of any application to reinstate the acceptance of sludge or recirculation of leachate at the landfill.  Republic will submit a final report detailing the corrective actions taken, verifying their effectiveness, and certifying the construction of the cap.


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