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Re: E-M:/ CAFO Dereg Bills fall short!

Keep in mind the CAFO legislation challenge exposed the worst of the anti-environmental politicians and their weakest points to work on in the future.  Now that Senator VanWoerkom and his cohorts have been listed, use your local politicians on that list to hammer home your public talking points at every opportunity.  At the same time make sure other local responsible politicians are recruited to sponsor corrective legislation to monitor the CAFOs.  These suggestions also apply to VanWoerkom's Nestle water diversion, the ballast water maritime lobby, or any local issues.  Finally, try to retain a bit of individual humor to get through the tough times.  Just for fun I stop by the local fishing meetings at the Mona Lake Boat Club on the first Wednesday of the month just to let them know what their Senator VanWoerkom neighbor on Mona Lake is doing to pollute and threaten their water resources.
Tom Hamilton

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