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E-M:/ GM Lansing Delta Township plant is putting on a Bioblitz on August 17th

forwarded from  matt.einheuser@gm.com
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GM Lansing Delta Township plant is putting on a Bioblitz on August 17th
through 18th from 3pm, Friday, to 4pm, Saturday. For those who do not
know, the event will be a race against time (24 hours) to see how many
species can be identified in the habitat recently certified as the 2006
"Rookie of the Year" by the Wildlife Habitat Council. With the help and
support of MSU and Thornapple grand Conservation District we hope to
produce an inventory of GM's 75 acre habitat area. The Community will be
invited to observe the scientists' activities and interact with the
experts for an excellent educational opportunity and hands on experience.
Scientists / organizations are also encouraged to bring displays and
materials about their programs to share with the community.
We are currently looking for specialists in their fields to come out and
volunteer to lead or just work in teams to identify and survey species.You
obviously would not need to be here the full 24 hours, so we can work out
when you would be available and when teams will conduct their surveys. If
you would like to stay the whole time, areas to set up a tent will be
available. Food and beverages will be provided for volunteers along with a
t-shirts and possible raffled prizes. For helping us with this event we
are also offering our habitat area as a future educational resource for
your organization. We are also looking for organizations who would be
interested in setting up a display during 10am to 4pm on Saturday, the
18th. This is when the public is invited out to observe and participate in
activities.  If you had any displays/materials or would like to set up any
info on your organization, please let me know so a space can be reserved.
In exchange for the display space, we are requesting that you donate
something, whether it be a hat, book, etc. to be given away. If you are
unable to attend and still wish to make a contribution, please contact me.
I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your consideration. To
reserve a space, volunteer, or for more info, please contact me at the
number below or send an email to matt.einheuser@gm.com. If you know of
anyone who might be interested please let them know or pass on my contact

Matt Einheuser
GM Lansing Delta Township
(517) 721-3665