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E-M:/ Antibiotic resistance -- the gift that CAFOs keep giving

Even after ending certain antibiotic use, CAFOs still
deliver up antibiotic resistant bacteria.....the "gift" that
keeps "giving".....


POPULATION HEALTH | The Persistence of Fluoroquinolone-Resistant Campylobacter in Poultry Production
Lance B. Price, Leila G. Lackey, Rocio Vailes, and Ellen Silbergeld
Also see Science Selections, p. A362
1035 [ Abstract ] [ Full ] [ PDF ]

POPULATION HEALTH | Antibiotic-Resistant Enterococci and Fecal Indicators in Surface Water and Groundwater Impacted by a Concentrated Swine Feeding Operation
Amy R. Sapkota, Frank C. Curriero, Kristen E. Gibson, and Kellogg J. Schwab
1040 [ Abstract ] [ Full ] [ PDF ]
Hey....how establishing about a Senator Gerald VanWoekom
"antibiotic resistant campylobacter day" ...???  We could hold it
outside of his next fundraiser in Muskegon.   We could dress up
a guy in a chicken head suit in a "andromeda strain" biohazard suit
and pass out some petri-dishes so people can culture their
chicken from Krogers and Meijers.   Of course, stunts like that can
let you end up like this guy:

But it seems everybody gets a film made about them these days:

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