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E-M:/ info on our Prius

Enviro-Mich message from <gehenry@chartermi.net>

Just an FYI about our new Prius..

We have been bombing around the Traverse City area (inc. Northport, Empire, Frankfort, etc..) for the past week and have increased our mileage from 44-45 mpg at home in Saginaw, to 48-49 mph counting the 150 mile highway travel to the area.  As those famliar with the area know, it is quite hilly here, which we think is contributing to the better mileage rather than taking away from it.  We are still on the initial tank of gas, having traveled over 400 miles so far, with over 2 gallons left on the 10 gallon tank.

Of note:  My husband seems to be driving like a mad man as well since he got that car, (very unlike him!), so it's not like we are trying to conserve the fuel!  :  )

Kathy Henry

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