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E-M:/ Knight Center Env Journalist Training- story by Lawrence Cosentino in City Pulse

I want to say a very public thanks to Dave Poulson and Jim Detjen at the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism for their work to educate reporters of all sorts about the range of issues they will come across daily that have to do with the environment.  Lawrence Cosentino of the Lansing City Pulse participated in the recent training and wrote a wonderful piece about this experience and the integral nature of environmental issues to much of today’s news.  AW


Taking notes from a dragonfly larva: Great Lakes environmental journalists soak in their subject



Written by Lawrence Cosentino   

Thursday, 05 July 2007

Understanding environmental  science and politics in the Great Lakes is like trying to hang on to a writhing sea lamprey. When you finally get a grip, it’s a strangely satisfying but temporary sensation.

Last week, I trundled off to northern Michigan with 23 other print and broadcast journalists on a four-day training junket put together by MSU’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. Forget the cliché of the jaded, deadpan journalist. All week, we rolled like a pack of overstimulated squirrels in the diverse array of environmental issues facing the Great Lakes region.

The Knight Center and its director, Jim Detjen, have held these training institutes each year since 1996. Over 200 journalists have gone through the program thus far, and each trip has had its own flavor.

This year’s trip, Knight Center associate director Dave Poulson told us, would be very “science-y.” I’m still picking the thistles out of my socks.

For four days, including three at the University of Michigan’s Biological Research




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