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E-M:/ Councilwoman: Slow down on tannery plan

Tanya Cabala is correct and deserves credit for bravely standing up to the local developer pressure from all sides.  She has had to unfairly put up with much local ridicule from the Republican Mayors of Whitehall and Montague, Sen VanWoerkom cohorts, former Rep Farhat cohorts, and the former John Engler cohort developer of the tannery site. You should also know that the Republican mayor of Whitehall Max Hatch is bragging he is getting one of the tannery condos which may explain his rush for dedication of the site.
Tom Hamilton, WLPac 
Whitehall City Councilwoman Tanya Cabala believes she was elected to the council to use her vast environmental background as the city worked on cleanup and redevelopment of the former Whitehall Leather Co. tannery site.
Cabala said Monday her allegations that city staff is pressuring Department of Environmental Quality officials to prematurely sign off on a final cleanup plan for the site may lead her to boycott Friday's groundbreaking ceremony. She said she would make her final decision after discussing the issue with council members at today's 7:30 p.m. council meeting.

"If the city continues to pressure MDEQ to ignore conflicting test results, approve plans its staff has not had time to review, fail to completely define pollution at the site and disregard new information on the hazards of site pollutants, I will reluctantly be forced to withhold my support for redevelopment of the tannery site," Cabala wrote in her memo.


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