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E-M:/ Farm bill passage critical for conservation

At a recent media summit, representatives from a number of conservation groups discussed their recommendations as Congress considers renewing the farm bill, which expires this year.

The ramifications of a U.S. without the Farm Bill Conservation Title: 13.5 million fewer pheasants, 2.2 million fewer ducks, 40 million fewer acres of wildlife habitat, 450 million additional tons of topsoil disappearing every year and an additional 170,000 miles of unprotected streams.
For information on the Farm Bill: www. usda.gov. Click on the “Farm Bill” link under “Spotlights.”

For an overview of the Farm Bill’s reach on a regional level: www.healthylakes.org. On the left side under “Policy,” click on the link for the “Farm Bill.” Then, to get to the page for downloading the information, click on “Great Lakes Restoration and the Farm Bill.”

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