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E-M:/ MEC Capitol Update 7-23-07

Last week, Department of Agriculture Director Mitch Irwin submitted his resignation and is expected to leave his post in mid-August.



SB 513: A bill to specify authorized sites composting of yard clippings and require haulers to verify.
SB 530: A bill to provide a standard for noise emission from snowmobiles.
SB 545: A bill to provide for waiver of storm water permit fees for certain municipalities.

On the floor:

SB 502: A bill to require a complainant to provide his or her name to the department of environmental quality when submitting a complaint concerning a farm.
HB 4597: A bill to provide for hunting on Department of Natural Resources controlled land.
HB 4614: A bill to provide for control fund for double-crested cormorant.
HB 4471: A bill to define terms for control program of double-crested cormorant.

In committee:

Agriculture and Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture will meet Wednesday (7/25) at 11:00 AM or immediately following session for a discussion regarding USDA rejection of TB-free status in Michigan and Michigan's Bovine Tuberculosis program. Michigan Department of Agriculture Director Mitch Irwin and Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director Rebecca Humphries are scheduled to provide testimony.

Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs will meet Wednesday (7/25) at 1:00 PM to take up:

- SB 174: A bill to prohibit the manufacture, sale, or exchange of toys with lead content in excess of amount permitted by federal regulation.
- SB 628: A bill to revise and clarify that requirement that owner of public beach provides access to safety and rescue equipment is a governmental function.
- SB 629: A bill to prohibit jumping, diving, or swimming off any pier in the Great Lakes.
- SB 633: A bill to designate the deer hunting season for certain disabled veterans to correspond with youth firearm deer hunting days.



SCR 10: A concurrent resolution to memorialize the Congress of the United States to provide funding for the Saginaw Bay Coastal Initiative.


HB 4132: A bill to prohibit the use of lead-bearing substances in the manufacture of children's jewelry, prohibit the retail sale of children's jewelry containing lead-bearing substances, require the Department of Community Health to post specific information on its website, and prescribe penalties for violations.
HB 4240: A bill  to establish a new part in the Public Health Code entitled Toxic Substances in Children's Products. This landmark legislation would establish as a priority within our state laws the protection of children from harmful toxins. While the bill, if passed, will address lead only, it creates a “legal home” for future legislation addressing other chemicals.
HB 4399: A bill to prohibit the sale or offer of sale of lunch boxes containing a lead-bearing substance.  The bill would not apply to the sale of a collectible lunch box or any other lunch box no longer intended to be used to carry food or drink for human consumption.  The bill would apply to a fabricated container marketed or intended to be used to carry packaged or unpackaged food or drink for human consumption.
HB 4936: A bill to extend the sunset for the Michigan Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Commission from July 1, 2007 to July 1, 2010,  and make changes to the composition of the Commission.
HB 4463: A bill to require the issuance of a permit to operate a marina at a public road. The MDEQ is concerned that the “shall issue” nature of the application could result in environmental degradation and possible overcrowding on inland lakes.
HB 4464: A bill to clarify the intention of a plat donation of a road, street, or alley terminating at a lake or stream contiguous to a shoreline.

On the floor:

HB 4711-13: Bills to amend the brownfield redevelopment act to allow more costs to be covered by captured tax revenues and change the MDEQ approval process for some of those costs.
HB 4641: A bill to allow a county board of commissioners to change name of office of county drain commissioner to office of the water resources commissioner and authorize and increase amount of bond.
HB 4642: A bill to provide for a definition of the term "visibly in existence".
HB 4643: A bill to clarify liability for certain legal expenses of a drainage district.
HB 4644: A bill to increase the enforcement power for removing obstructions or interferences with drains.
HB 4688: A bill to double the amount a drain commissioner can spend on maintenance of a drain (from $2,500 to $5,000) – and assess those costs to taxpayers within a special assessment district. The taxpayers in such a district have no right to a vote on the maintenance project. 
SB 350: A bill to create an animal welfare fund.
SCR 12: A concurrent resolution to urge Michigan's congressional delegation to secure supplemental funding to control the spread of viral hemorrhagic septicemia in fish populations.

In committee:

Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources will meet Tuesday (7/24) at 10:30 AM or after committees are given leave by the House to meet, whichever time is later, to take up HB 4981, bill to revise the policy for granting easements across state owned land and make it mandatory for DNR to grant easements when certain conditions are met.

Transportation: Public Transit meet Wednesday (7/25) at 9:00 AM for a presentation by Erik Tungate, Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Hamtramck and Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority.

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