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E-M:/ A Grand Idea - Grand River Cleanup planning / Slideshow available!

Michigan Friends,


Some of you in the Lansing area are aware the water level of the Grand River has been drawn down between our two dams to allow the Board of Water and Light access to inspect their dams.  Yes, the whole idea is very controversial, but it's already been done, the water is down NOW, so what's next? 


Well - some of you may also know there's a plan afoot to clean the river bed of some of the junk that's gotten stuck there over the years.  Check the website at http://agrandidea.jandyonline.com for a slide show to show you the junk that's there!  A lot of that stuff should just not be there- can you help clean it out?  We'll need a lot of muscle! 


We're meeting tonight from 7 - 9pm at Gone Wired to discuss some more details.  The website has meeting details.  Even if you can't help with organizing, we can keep you posted on work days - just let us know!  The work days are still to be determined. 


Thanks for your help with A Grand Idea! 





Rita Jack

Water Sentinels Project, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

tel:  517-484-2372


Make all Michigan's waters fishable and swimmable.




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Hello, all.


There's now a slideshow on the website for A Grand

Idea, the initiative for cleaning up the Grand River

during the current drawdown.




If folks question whether the clean up is needed, a

picture is worth a thousand words!