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Re: E-M:/ Voters in Dingell's District support strong CAFE Standards

This Pew survey blows the cover off the idea that Congressman Dingell's resistance against strong fuel efficiency standards reflects the politics of his constituency.  More than 70% of voters surveyed in Dingell's district Pew believe strong fuel efficiency standards will make the auto companies more--not less-competitive. Autoworkers and others  in Dingell's district understand that their jobs depend on the government requiring GM, Ford and Chrysler to be competitive even if stockholders believe it's in their short-term interest to increase quarterly profits at the expense of the long-term health of the domestic auto industry.  Clean Water Action has been canvassing Dingell's district on this issue, asking his constituents to write letters in support of strong fuel efficiency standards.   It is clear tfrom that door-to-door contact--now supported by authoritative research--that average people in Dingell's district are way ahead of the Michigan Hummer hawks, pundits, editorial writers and insider groups on this issue.

I respect John Dingell.  A few years ago the Michigan Environmental Council gave him an award he richly deserved.  If Rep. Dingell uses his power as energy chairman to wrangle health care relief for the auto industry in exchange for tough fuel standards, that's a deal worth doing.  But in the end, Congressman Dingell must come to the place where his constituents are:  support for strong fuel economy standards that are the key to salvaging our domestic car companies, preventing more job losses for Michigan auto workers. 

David Holtz
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Clean Water Action
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Voters in Dingell's District support strong CAFE Standards


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