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E-M:/ Politics Starts at the Border - IJC Dennis Schornack

While we have spent the last few years fretting and chattering and speechifying about a secure border, it has been Dennis Schornack’s job — as American head of the International Boundary Commission — to locate it. He has had his hands full.
On July 9, Mr. Schornack says, he received a call from Luis A. Reyes, a special assistant to the president for presidential personnel. Mr. Reyes asked if he was a Republican, questioned his patriotism and explained the concept of “unitary government.” He reminded Mr. Schornack that he served the president.

According to Dennis Schornack, Mr. Reyes then issued an ultimatum: he had until 3 p.m. to back down. Mr. Schornack refused. The next day, he received his two-sentence fax from the White House. (Contacted for comment, Mr. Reyes’s office referred me to the White House press office, which did not respond to my inquiries.)


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