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Re: E-M:/ restore the people's right to a healthy environment: remember the Michigan Supreme Court

Arguing for the correction of the abuses of power implies beginning with the first election of the Supremes--Taylor is running (or could run) for election in the 2008 election.  He makes a BIG target.

Robert Marshall
Festina Lente

On Jul 28, 2007, at 1:29 AM, Dave Dempsey wrote:

Clifford Taylor, chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, has a big target painted on his back.


Allegations that Taylor has abused his power aren’t just partisan complaints, however. Earlier this year, former Chief Justice Elizabeth Weaver spawned headlines in a very public spat with the other four Republican-nominated Supreme Court justices. Weaver said the four have an overt ideological bent, and alleged various abuses of power. 
The reasons for wanting to oust Taylor, and change the court aren’t just based on partisan politics. There is also the record that the high court has racked up over the last eight years, culminating in a ruling released Wednesday about Nestle’s bottling facility in Mecosta County. 
The four conservative members of the court narrowed who is allowed to sue under the Michigan Environmental Protection Act to stop or prevent damage to the environment. The majority - consisting of Taylor, Maura Corrigan, Robert Young Jr. and Stephen Markham - ruled that someone suing under the act must demonstrate a clear connection to themselves. 


(The four-member majority also managed to redefine "any person" under the statute in question to "not any person." That could be considered legislating from the bench -- by at least some reasonable persons. But perhaps the court will redefine what "reasonable person" means to include only Bill O'Reilly and those of his persuasion.)