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E-M:/ Justice Taylor and just us folks

When a 5-4 Michigan Supreme Court this week took away citizens' rights to sue under the Michigan Environmental Protection Act (MEPA), the court's right-wing judicial activists, led by Justice Clifford Taylor, may have finally stepped over the line in their quest to turn over our legal system to corporate special interests.  Last week's decision was offensive in its gutting of a key provision of environmental law. But  it was the cavalier attitude displayed towards Michigan's Constitution by the court's activist majority that is truly dangerous.  It seems nothing--not even the plain language of our constitution on environmental protection--will stand in the way of Taylor and his brethren from using the court to legislate their right-wing agenda.  But Taylor is up for election in 2008.  Flipping one seat won't necessarily undo the damage done last week.  But it could be the only thing to prevent this activist court from sealing the deal for polluters for generations and making our Constitution just another speed bump along the way.  It's tough beating an incumbent Supreme Court judge because the state's election laws give justices a designation on the ballot worth maybe 20 points.  But it seems the Democrats are cooking up a strategy to close the gap and give folks a chance to elect a justice for us.  Eric Baerren writes about it in today's Morning Sun.

David Holtz
Michigan Director
Clean Water Action

"“If the success or failure of this planet, and of human beings, depended on how I am and what I do, how would I be? What would I do?”
--Buckminster Fuller