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E-M:/ Neighbors cry foul as megafarms increase

Sen. Gerald Van Woerkom, R-Muskegon is still spreading his CAFO manure.  When you talk with him take notice how nice he smiles while pollutes the watersheds.
A second package of bills, with a different approach at regulating the huge farms, moved out of the Senate in late June and is in the House.

The goal is for megafarmers without discharge violations to use appropriate practices to keep water clean through MAEAP, facilitated through the agriculture department, said lead sponsor Sen. Gerald Van Woerkom, R-Muskegon.

DEQ officials say this second package of bills will deregulate the megafarms, inviting more of them to come to Michigan.

"(The proposal) is the wrong way to go," said DEQ Director Steven Chester, adding that it would relieve the farms from permitting requirements and allow them to enter into a non-regulatory voluntary program.


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