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Re: E-M:/ Vreba Hoff controversy hits the Washington Post

It is good to have national CAFO attention. The Dutch Friends of the Earth and others have been fighting CAFOs in The Netherlands (perhaps why more are coming to the US).  Note their observations on campaigns in general and the first item listed in their Successes site below:

Successes Friends of the Earth Netherlands

Environmental actions rarely achieve quick results. It often takes years before businesses or governments recognise a problem and take action to solve it. For example it took fifteen years of protest to stop plans to reclaim land in the Markerwaard or to get the nuclear power plant in Dodewaard to shut down. Luckily there are also examples of battles that were won more quickly.

Significant successes since 1990

Full list of successes

  • The popular initiative against factory farming, initiated by Milieudefensie and her youth department JMA, has been signed by more than 100,000 people. This obliges the Parliament to decide on a greatly supported proposal about an environmental and animal friendly future for Dutch cattle farms. A future that meets the farmers needs as well.



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