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E-M:/ Sneaky Senate provision gives nuke plant builders $50 Bn in loan guarantees

- If this provision succeeds, this would be one of the largest single-industry corporate subsidies in history. Why isn't there this kind of subsidy for truly sustainable energy, or - why isn't there a nationwide energy conservation/energy efficiency campaign? Folks, it is your taxpayer dollars. Call your federal representatives and let them know what you think!  And let's re-open that "Is nuclear power truly clean and green?" discussion. - Kay Cumbow


 Snip: "Many experts fear that the proposed subsidies could leave taxpayers responsible for billions of dollars in soured loans.

 Snip: "Such projects, by their nature, pose significant technical and market risks," the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office warned last month in an analysis of the provision. "Studies of the accuracy of cost estimates for pioneering technologies have found that estimates are consistently low."

Snip: "Michael J. Wallace, the co-chief executive of UniStar Nuclear, a partnership seeking to build nuclear reactors, and executive vice president of Constellation Energy, said: 'Without loan guarantees we will not build nuclear power plants.' "