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E-M:/ Update - Need Quick Action - Van Buren County North Point (17 acres on Lake MI)

Enviro-Mich message from Marcy Colclough <marcydolphin@yahoo.com>

Urgent - The Van Buren County Board of Commissioners
have moved their meeting up a week - the meeting is
NOT August 14, but TOMORROW (August 7) at 5:30 pm in
Paw Paw.  Please, everyone call the Van Buren County
Commissioners today and/or attend the meeting

District 1 - Thomas Erdmann (269) 637-8640
73230 8th Avenue, South Haven, MI 49090

District 2 - Susan Hammond (269) 427-7281
295 E. Main Street, Breedsville, MI 49027

District 3 - James Ray, (269) 628-4197
31017 31st Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079

District 4 - Richard W. Freestone - (269) 427-7674
31002 60th Avenue, Bangor, MI 49013

District 5 - Mike Toth  (269) 655-1814 (wk)
51640 35 1/2 Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079

District 6 - Donald A. Hanson, Vice Chairman  (269)
75406 56th Street, Decatur, MI 49045

District 7 - Chris Randall, Chairman  (269) 624-4811
300 W. White Oak Road, Lawton, MI 49065

--- Marcy Colclough <marcydolphin@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Keep North Point Conservation Area Open to the
> Public 
> The fight to keep North Point Conservation Area open
> to the public and out of private hands is gaining
> momentum in Van Buren County.   A group of citizens
> recently met in South Haven to discuss ways to get
> the
> word out about the proposed sale of North Point
> Conservation Area.   The group feels that most
> people
> in the County are not aware that in July the Van
> Buren
> County Commissioners have agreed in spirit to a
> adopt
> a long-range plan that includes the sale of North
> Point.  If people do not immediately contact the
> VanBuren County Commissioners, this beautiful park
> may
> be lost forever!  Addresses and phone numbers of
> County Commissioners can be found at
> www.vbco.org/government0106.asp. 
> North Point Conservation Area is 17 acres with 400
> feet of Lake Michigan frontage located just north of
> the Van Buren State Park and south of South Haven. 
> The park contains forested critical dunes and is
> used
> by locals and tourists.  The property has been
> maintained and used by the Boy Scouts for years and
> many refer to the property as the ?Old Boy Scout
> Camp.?  
> The citizens group is concerned that the Van Buren
> County Board of Commissioners may act quickly and
> make
> a final decision to sell North Point for development
> at its August 14 or August 28 meeting.  The citizens
> group feels the only way to save this land from
> development and to keep it open to the public is to
> convince people to contact the County Commissioners
> before their next meeting or to attend the County
> Commission meeting on either August 14 or August 28
> at
> 4:30pm in Paw Paw.  The Board meeting location is
> Van
> Buren County Land and Admin Building, 219 Paw Paw
> St.,
> Suite 201, Paw Paw, MI 49079.
> The citizens group plans to contact the media and
> national, state and local organizations and agencies
> to help raise awareness about the potential fate of
> this county-owned property.  The group will also be
> encouraging businesses and county residents to
> contact
> their County Commissioners to show support for
> keeping
> the property open to the public.  
> Lastly, the group will be asking people to sign a
> petition that states, ?By signing this petition, I
> am
> expressing my opposition to the Van Buren County
> Board
> of   Commissioners selling the North Point
> Conservation Area (17 aces on Lake Michigan) in
> South
> Haven Township, Michigan to finance law enforcement
> and/or a new jail/courthouse.  The land should
> remain
> open to the public for current and future
> generations.?  
> By collecting signatures, the citizens group hopes
> to
> send a clear message to the County Board of
> Commissioners.  The County will always be in need of
> money for buildings, maintenance and other
> infrastructure.  The group feels it is extremely
> shortsighted to sell 17 acres of beautiful Lake
> Michigan beach, dunes, forest and wetlands to
> finance
> the new construction.    
> Van Buren County is home to acres of globally rare,
> undeveloped Lake Michigan beach and dunes.  As Carl
> Sandburg said, ?those dunes are to the Midwest what
> the Grand Canyon is to Arizona?once lost, the loss
> would be irrevocable.?  The dune areas of Michigan
> are
> ?a unique, irreplaceable, and fragile resource that
> provide significant recreational, economic,
> scientific, geological, scenic, botanical,
> educational, agricultural and ecological benefits to
> the people of Michigan and to people from other
> states
> and countries who visit this resource.? [Taken from
> findings Michigan State Legislature in the Sand Dune
> Protection Act.]  

Marcy Colclough
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