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E-M:/ Detroit News: Washington must rule on ballast water

Eric Baerren has a good post at michiganliberal.com about today's Detroit News editorial urging Congress to pre-empt state ballast water regulation. This is the same Congress that has failed for 20 years to set the "uniform" standards the News advocates, and the same News that regularly complains about federal government intrusion into state business.


Here are a few things worth knowing: *--The state's ballast water law affects a grand total of four ships annually.
*--The state's sportfishing industry generates $2 billion in economic activity.  For the entire region, it increases to $4 billion.
*--All spending and activity related to boating on the Great Lakes generates, annually, $16 billion in economic activity.
*--Overall, the impact to the Great Lakes of invasive, non-native species is about $5 billion, the bulk of which is caused by things dumped into the Great Lakes through ballast water discharge.
*--At the same time, the economic cost of shutting off ocean going freighters from plying the Great Lakes, because the alternatives -- rail, trucking, barges -- are competitive, is only $55 million.
It's with in mind that we approach today's editorial in the Detroit News.