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Re: E-M:/ Detroit News: Washington must rule on ballast water

Congress seems to be getting more and more stupid with regard to economics versus environment.  Destroy the environment--it's gone; economics will be around to play with its adjustments forever, or at least until we extinguish the human life form.
Delavan Sipes
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Subject: Re: E-M:/ Detroit News: Washington must rule on ballast water

Erics Sharp's honesty is not praised by the "Sportsmen for Bush" that strongly support GW Bush's sabotage of the Great Lakes bills.  It is sad how so many of the Michigan GOP GW sportsmen will support pollution to harm their own outdoor sports.
Feds not as tough on ballast water
The problem is that the bills would not require shippers to adopt effective ballast controls until 2015. They would take interim authority away from states such as Michigan, which already has good ballast-control laws, and give enforcement authority to the U.S. Coast Guard, which is neither designed nor equipped for the job and has failed at it already.

"Both of those bills would push out the setting of a federal standard to 2015, and both (take away) the standards that have already been established by states like Michigan," Cox said Wednesday. "We already allow four ways for ships to treat their ballast, and 50 ships have applied for Michigan permits."


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