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E-M:/ Tuesday is a Smog Day in West Michigan

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Subject: Action Day notice  Air quality forecast  for Grand Rapids 

A(n) Action Day has been declared for Tuesday, August 28.


Make clean air choices.  Defer using gas-powered engines.  Walk, bike, carpool or use mass transit if possible.  Link errands into one trip.  Conserve energy.

Air Quality Forecast:

Monday, August 27
     Ozone - Moderate - YELLOW  
     Particle Pollution(2.5 microns) - Moderate - YELLOW  

Tuesday, August 28
     Ozone - Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups - ORANGE  
     Particle Pollution(2.5 microns) - Moderate - YELLOW  

Wednesday, August 29
     Particle Pollution(2.5 microns) - Moderate - YELLOW  
     Ozone - Good - GREEN  

Thursday, August 30
     Ozone - Good - GREEN  
     Particle Pollution(2.5 microns) - Good - GREEN  

Friday, August 31
     Ozone - Good - GREEN  
     Particle Pollution(2.5 microns) - Good - GREEN  

National and regional air quality maps are available at: www.epa.gov/airnow

For additional information concerning the air quality forecast,  
and to view current Michigan air quality maps, data & information, select the MIair icon at: www.michigan.gov/deqair

This information was issued by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on Monday, August 27.


This information is provided via a partnership of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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===== MDEQ Air Pollution Meteorologist forecast content follows.....

FORECAST SUMMARY: Monday, August 27th, 2007 through Friday, August 31st, 2007 

OZONE: 8-hour concentrations on Monday will increase toward the Moderate range. On Tuesday levels in the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (USG) range are possible mostly along the western lakeshore counties; otherwise, readings will be in the Moderate range. Levels Wednesday through Friday are expected to be back to the Good range. 

PM-2.5: 24-hour concentrations are forecasted to be either close to, or in, the Moderate range Monday through Wednesday with Good readings Thursday and Friday. 


Good air quality this past weekend will change to increased pollution levels early in the new work week. High pressure in place Monday will produce more of a southeast surface wind flow. Plenty of sunshine is expected along with temperatures in the 80s. With more of a southerly wind flow and increased surface and upper level temperatures both Ozone and PM2.5 levels will begin climbing today with readings in the upper Good to low moderate range for both pollutants. 

As the high pressure area moves further east on Tuesday; more of a southwest wind flow will develop between it and the next approaching frontal boundary. Skies are expected to remain sunny and the warm southwest winds will push pollution out over the lake; then inland, putting locations along the western lakeshore at risk of reaching USG Ozone levels. Because of this an Ozone Action Day has been issued for Tuesday for those areas. The rest of the state will likely see an increase in Ozone levels with readings mostly in the Moderate range. PM2.5 levels are expected to also increase with more widespread Moderate levels on Tuesday. 

A frontal boundary will slowly make its way from northwest to southeast across the state on Wednesday. Increased clouds and chances for precipitation will improve Ozone levels with readings falling back into the Good range statewide. PM2.5 levels will be slower to improve; however, with readings in the Moderate range expected. High pressure building into the state later Wednesday, into Thursday will cool temperatures and clear skies with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s for the end of the workweek. Pollution levels will be in the Good range both Thursday and Friday. 


Extended forecast models are showing high pressure controlling our weather to start the coming holiday weekend. Plenty of sunshine will be seen and cooler temperatures on Friday and Saturday will improve into the 80s by Sunday. Pollution levels could start a climb toward the Moderate range by then. 

Forecast updated by Stephanie Hengesbach: Monday, August 27th, 2007 

Next forecast update: Friday, August 31st, 2007 

<http://www.deqmiair.org/assets/MIAIR-forecast-protocol.pdf>Forecast Protocol 

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