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Re: E-M:/ New Meijer store draining water from spring-fed lake

I believe that this is part of a massive $53 million
sewer project that was pushed through by Macomb County
to facilitate sprawl into portions of the County that
didn't have access to Detroit sewer facilities. This
is a boon for developers and land speculators and sure
to drive out any remaining agricultural operations in
the area.


One has to wonder what county officials representing
the more established communities in Macomb County are
thinking when they OK these projects that will help
accelerate the decline of their communities. 

Andrew Mutch

--- Melissa Damaschke
<melissa.damaschke@sierraclub.org> wrote:

> PUBLISHED: Monday, August 27, 2007
> Sinking
> feeling
> New Meijer store draining water from spring-fed lake
> By Gordon Wilczynski
> Macomb Daily Staff Writer
> Al Gaskill retired a few years ago from the power
> sport business he owned
> for 40 years in Eastpointe. He thought he could
> relax next to a 17-acre lake
> on his property in Lenox Township and have a coffee
> and eat a roll while
> watching the swans, ducks and other animals frolic
> on his property. 

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