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E-M:/ Presque Isle County Group

Hats off to our friends in the Presque Isle Group on their concerns about Wolverine Power. They know what has happened to other counties in NE Michigan and are trying to keep ahead of the polluters. We have fought one of the largest polluters in the state, Lafarge, who took over National Gypsum in a leveraged buyout to become at one time the largest hazardous waste burning facility in Michigan. They continue to pollute us with the highest level of chlorinated mercury vapor in the state. It is the most dangerous and toxic form of mercury. The MDEQ continues to with-hold the toxicity data from us.  FOIA requests are still being ignored. Lafarge has received the data but we are told that it is attorney-client privileged. If Lafarge has it that claim is moot. .
Advertising, donations and gifting keep the media and politicians from looking out for the people and the MDEQ still has trouble figuring out who they are supposed to represent. I am sure the Presque group is finding this out but they seem to be able to stay a step ahead. 
Bill Freese, Director