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Re: E-M:/ Michigan Natural Features Inventory

Back to the MNFI discussion...

The power of the MNFI inventory should be strong enough to extend to Benton Harbor's Jean Klock Park. Rose pink, a threatened species thriving in this 90-year-old protected park, documented in the MNRI, is not making one bit of difference with state decision-makers. According to Dennis Fedewa of the DNR, the Wildlife Division "outlined measures for avoiding 'take' of rose pink" issued to the developer, "describing management practices that would need to be followed  in order to protect the local population of this threatened plant, now and in the future."

Rose pink on the MNRI:

Instead of DEQ/DNR staff figuring out a way to move proposed golf course holes around the threatened species, and devising management plans for golf course owners that have no problem destroying public parks, the information should be used to guide the State of Michigan's land use decisions that put utmost importance on conservation and protection of both species and habitat, and respecting the legal status of a legally-protected park.

After the botanist studying this species presented her findings to the public at a DEQ hearing, the local paper printed an article "Flower threatens Harbor Shores" rather than the reality--a consumptive development is threatening an already- threatened plant.

Mr. and Mrs. Klock were aware of the existence of Rose Pink in the park at the time they purchased and donated it 90 years ago, giving a poem about rose pink to their daughter.

90-years of a protected public park with a track record of protecting species, habitat and dunes.

Does the MNFI inventory matter?
When it comes to saving an already-protected place?

It sure should.

LuAnne Kozma
Defense of Place

Larry Nooden <ldnum@umich.edu> wrote:
Enviro-Mich message from Larry Nooden

Environmentalists/conservationists need to be more aware about the
contributions of the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI) and its
current trials.

MNFI analyzes/surveys Michigan's natural areas to provide a basis for
management. They also monitor troubled species and their habitats. In
addition to their impacts on conservation and Michigan quality of life,
their services seem very important in a state where tourism dependent on
natural resources is a major part of the economy. There's lots of
interesting and useful information at their website
() concerning Michigan's biological
communities and rare species.

MNFI has developed into a first class scientific unit serving Michigan's
citizens. It is fabric of people with many kind of expertise working
together. Right now, its future is precarious, but it should be
supported. Michigan's infrastructure, both personnel resources and
environmental, should not be allowed to disintegrate further. Our economic
future and quality of life depend on it.

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