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E-M:/ Rodale speaker to address Organic agriculture research

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Paul Hepperly from the Rodale Institue will be on campus to give a talk this  Friday!  He will be talking about lessons learned from over 25 years  experiance with organic research.  Rodale has a 20 yr and still running  experiment on organic crop production... from which they have published some  very interesting results.  More about Dr. Hepperly is below. Don't miss this opportunity right here on campus!!!!  

This Friday Aug. 31st 
10:30-11:30 Plant and Soil Science Bldg. Rm 271  


PAUL HEPPERLY Research and Training Manager  

Dr. Paul Hepperly serves as The Rodale Institute's® Research and Training  Manager, with over 27 years of professional experience in crop research and  project management. Paul received a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology and a  Master's Degree in Agronomy from the University of Illinois Champaign  Urbana and has authored over 150 scholarly articles on agronomy, crop  breeding, crop protection, plant pathology and weed science. He spent the  first 20 years of his professional career directing tropical agriculture  research and production in Puerto Rico, Mexico, South America, Hawaii and  Africa. He also served public and private institutions as a crop production  and protection consultant throughout the Caribbean.  

At The Institute, Paul manages research projects and training events and  helps coordinate collaborations between The Rodale Institute, policy makers,  universities, and non-governmental and governmental organizations. Current  research is focused in five areas: 1) examining the connection of soil  health to plant and animal nutrition and health, using The Institute's  world famous Farming Systems Trial® as an experimental resource; 2)  studying soil retention and release of carbon and nutrients; 3) identifying  effective organic weed management practices; 4) improving composting methods  to increase nutrient retention; and 5) developing organic no-till practices  that do not employ pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  

For his work with The Rodale Institute, Paul received the Rachel Carson  Sense of Science Award in 2004 and the Da Vinci Scientist Award in 2005.  

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