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E-M:/ withholding contamination info. in Midland

Does anyone else see something very wrong with this picture?     Kathy
EPA: Release dioxin info
 The City of Midland will consider the ramifications of opening dioxin sampling data previously "blinded" in an effort to protect homeowners, a city official said Friday after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sought the information.
"It appears that the data is obscured by an unusual double blind system that EPA has been unable to obtain voluntarily from the City of Midland," said EPA Region 5 Superfund Division Director Richard Karl. "The city holds the key to the data and we're requiring them to provide it."
 Dow spokesman John Musser has said the agreement with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to blind the study was made to protect property owners, whose property might lose value by being labeled a "facility" if it meets the current cleanup requirement of 90 parts per trillion.
Lynch said the city will have to consider carefully any release of information.