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E-M:/ Information Please!

Does anyone know if Dow has a facility or is connected with one in Harbor Beach? We have found out, just recently, that Lafarge is incinerating a fermentation broth in its cement kilns and it is supposedly coming from that area of the state. We first heard that it was soy sauce. The MDEQ checked and found it to be a broth. They are requesting a sample of same to analyze. For those of you who do not know about Lafarge they will take anything that they can be paid to take to burn. 
The person who found that they were taking this broth became concerned when he found that Wikipedia listings show Soy Sauce names two chlorinated propane compounds. Chlorine in cement kilns is a pre-cursor to dioxin and we have had more than our share of those from Lafarge's hazardous waste burning years. As our source has said, "With the craziness of the chemistry that goes on in a cement kiln, we never know what the result of adding a new spice to the mix will do. Sometimes a small amount of something can cause a bigger change when a chemical acts as a catalyst."
Lafarge does not have a permit to burn hazardous waste any longer and is using the broth under Rule 285. The amount is supposed to be miniscule to the amount of fuel and raw materials used in the kiln and is the reason they could introduce it in place of water. Lafarge collaborating with Dow or vice versa concerns us. Any information will be appreciated.
Bill Freese, Director