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Title: Sound The Alarm!



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From: Save The Wild UP [mailto:info@savethewildup.org]
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 7:02 PM
To: Alexis Raney-office manager
Subject: Sound The Alarm!


Sound The Alarm!

September 6, 2007

This alert contains info on:
Public Comment on the Kennecott Permit Application
Marquette Hearing Rally
New Report on the Economic Benefit of healthy Great Lakes
Model Letter to the DEQ and Governor Granholm

Public Comment on the Kennecott Permit Application

Get the word out to your friends and family or anyone that cares for the health and beauty of the Great Lakes State.  Now is the time for the public to voice their opposition to Kennecott’s proposed sulfide mine on the Yellow Dog Plains.

Tell the DEQ/DNR to DENY Kennecott’s permit application for a sulfide mine on the Yellow Dog Plains. The Public Comment period for the permit application is going on RIGHT NOW! There are hearings scheduled for September 10-13th in Marquette County and one in Lansing on September 19th. Click here for more information on the hearings. If you cannot or do not want to voice your opposition verbally, you can write to the DEQ, DNR, Governor Granholm, and your elected representatives about the unacceptable risk Michigan would be taking in by approving Kennecott’s permit.

Click here to personalize and send a letter to the DEQ/DNR or cut, paste and personalize the model letter at the end of this message.

Marquette Hearing Rally

ATTENTION Upper Peninsula Residents

Rally at NMU’s University Center on Monday, September 10, 6pm

Save The Wild UP and our partners ask that you show your opposition to the Kennecott permit application by attending the Monday, September 10 hearing at NMU. We are having a rally at the University Center at 6pm for the evening session of the hearing. We have reserved the Charcoal room for all of Monday to provide information to those attending the day’s events.


New Report on the Economic Benefit of Healthy Great Lakes

A New Report finds that restoring Great Lakes would bring region $50 Billion in economic gain. It also found that clean-up would also lead to $30-$50 Billion in short-term economic activity.
'The Great Lakes economy depends on the health of the Great Lakes'
Click here to read the Press Release from the Nation Wildlife Federation, or go directly to the presentation of the report or visit http://www.healthylakes.org/

Model Letter to the DEQ and Governor Granholm

Cut, paste, and personalize the model letter below

October ____, 2007

Director Chester
DEQ Kennecott Comments
Office of Geological Survey
P.O. Box 30256
Lansing, Michigan 48909-7756

VIA email to: DEQ-Kennecott-comments@michigan.gov

Dear Director Chester:

[INSERT HERE WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU CARE.] I oppose the proposed Kennecott mine underneath one of Lake Superior’s key tributaries, the Salmon Trout River. This is a terrible place for a risky sulfide mine because of its proximity to Lake Superior, our country’s largest source of fresh water.
Kennecott’s applications are riddled with problems and do not comply with applicable laws. The mining application even admits that it will discharge polluted water to aquifers! Michigan should not tolerate this serious threat to the region’s pristine water. Your agency should deny these permit applications based upon the faulty science – and assumptions that Michigan will roll-over and accept pollution of the Greatest of the Great Lakes -- that underlies them. Kennecott’s mining application underestimates the mine’s impacts on water, air and wildlife. This mine would:

* emit at least 20 tons of pollution into the air each year; some of that will end up in surface water,
* pollute ground water and surface water,
* drawdown a key Lake Superior tributary and critical wetlands – at a time when the Lake is already seeing low water levels,
* disrupt wildlife corridors, and
* impose an industrial complex in Michigan’s largest unpaved, off-grid wild area.

The impacts of the results of this mine listed above are distorted and underrepresented in the company’s applications. This is consistent throughout the air, ground water and mining permits. The scientific work behind these applications does not meet industry standards or Michigan’s legal criteria; therefore, the DEQ must deny these permits. Application failures include but are not limited to:

* No cumulative impacts analysis
* No demonstration of effectiveness (for “cemented” backfill for example)
* No accurate prediction of air emissions and deposition
* No accurate analysis of the crown pillar’s stability or porosity
* No accurate prediction of drawdown of the Salmon Trout River and wetlands
* No accurate assessment of Acid Mine Drainage production
* No accurate Environmental Impact Analysis
* No full estimate of expected extractions

And the list could go on.

The region of the proposed mine is a Michigan treasure worthy of the protection required by Michigan laws. I believe you are legally bound to deny these permit applications.



Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909



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