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E-M:/ Conservancy Milestone - Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

Enviro-Mich message from Smileysmlc@aol.com

I thought I'd share this recent email to our membership.  Plus, in a blatant 
plug, we're always looking for more people who are interested in supporting 
our work.  Land conservation isn't cheap--but it's essential.

- Jack Smiley
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Some of you may realize that next year is the 20th Anniversary of the 
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy.  It's hard to believe that that much time has 
slipped by--but it has!

Over the years, the Conservancy has protected some noteworthy properties.  
Our first project, which was initiated even before we were formally 
incorporated, was the acquisition of 40 acres in the City of Westland next to the William 
P. Holliday Forest and Wildlife Preserve--Wayne County's only designated 
nature preserve, at the time.  It took five years to pay for that key property and 
officially get it protected, but it was the springboard for many other land 
protection projects in the following years.

As of last month, the Conservancy had successfully completed 32 land 
protection projects which totaled 1,956 acres.  Some of these were properties which 
were donated to the Conservancy, some entailed conservation easements, and we 
even purchased eight properties totaling 624 acres.  All of these significant 
efforts were only possible because people like YOU have supported our work.  We 
thank you!

So...now for the good news!  On the cusp of SMLC's 20th Anniversary, we have 
reached an important milestone:  the Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy has 
now protected OVER 2,000 ACRES!!!  That's over 3 square miles of land--in the 
heavily urbanized and expensive metro Detroit area--that will be protected 

Our latest project entails 46.6 acres in Pittsfield Township, Washtenaw 
County, which is now protected with a conservation easement.  Pittsfield Township 
subsequently purchased the property, and it will be maintained as a public 
park.  What is unique and visionary about this project is that the Township 
officials are making sure that their public park lands will not be sold off for 
development in the years to come, as has been the case in far too many 
communities.  We salute them for their vision and for their commitment to future 
generations.  We also, again, thank you for supporting the important work of the 
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy.

P.S.  If you come to the picnic at the Conservancy Farm tomorrow (Sunday, 1 
p.m.--no RSVP required at this point), we will share even MORE good news!

Thank you, ever so much.

Jack Smiley
Executive Director
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy
8383 Vreeland Road
Superior Township, MI  48198
(734) 484-6565
Visit our web site at www.SMLCland.org
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