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Re: E-M:/ Big-game trip keeps legislator away

In a message dated 9/19/2007 10:51:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time, duanedv@earthlink.net writes:
I see that it is not only the mainstream media that is biased in their reporting. From what I read in the paper, Mr. Agema had arranged for this trip BEFORE he was even elected! Yet this blurb makes it sound like he made a deliberate choice not to be here. I would have thought better of this group.

Then, someone who happens to disagree with his idea calls him a nut. Really sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. This has confirmed my decision to   get un-subscribed from this group.
Duane De Vries (retired)
Darn those crazy old nuts anyway!
Since the arrangements before he was elected, that makes it ok!   As long as everyone knew about it, then by golly, he should have gone, come hell or high water. Why cancel his vacation just 'cuz of some silly old session that involves running our country?   Of course he should choose to shoot the extremely important "Big Game" in Russia and ignore the dumb old "Big Game" $1.7 billion budget deficit here.  Its a "once in a lifetime" opportunity! He should shoot the snow sheep, not eat any of it, and hang the big stuffed dead animal on his wall to prove what a man he is, rather than prove it by actually working for the persons who hired him.
Those "nuts" who expect this fine man to stay here and do what he was hired to do are just plain out of their minds. I, for one, want someone representing me who can make good rational decisions and who knows that a "Big Game" hunt vacation in Russia that was "planned before" is a heck of a lot more important trying to figure out that mess of a deficit. 
Reality check.
I hate to tell ya this, but he did make a deliberate choice, and he should have considered all of this before running.  His choice was that his personal life and his previously arranged vacation  (last time I checked vacations were optional)  took precedence over doing the job he was hired to do, which includes working towards a resolution regarding the budget deficit.  I and any other normal business owner or manager would fire an employee for choosing his previously planned elective vacation over attending an important session like a budget deficit.  He did not know if he would be elected (or get the job) and once elected (hired)  he should have made the choice of integrity.
Edie Britt

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