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E-M:/ No Budget, No Pay for Lansing Politicians!

No Budget, No Pay for Lansing Politicians

Would your boss continue paying you if you missed a big deadline?

Lansing is in deadlock over how to fix our state's budget woes; important environmental programs are at risk. Since 2001, Michigan has cut 62 percent of funding for our lakes, parks and health protection! Our state's legislators can no longer delay action!

We need your help in sending a message to Lansing that their action is needed to ending this unprecedented budget crisis.

Legislators' $79,650-a-year salaries and benefits should be docked if they do not pass a budget that invests in Michigan's citizens and our future by Oct 1. That means passing a budget that provides funding for Great Lakes protections, police and fire protection, schools, health care, roads, and many other vital state services.

In the real world, you only get paid when you do your job. The rules should be the same for our elected officials in Lansing. Send a message to your legislators and let them know citizens expect them to do their jobs - or lose their pay.

David Holtz
Michigan Director
Clean Water Action
313-300-4454 (cell)