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E-M:/ real impacts from real cuts

Dear Michigan,

Do you think it doesn’t really matter if environmental and public health agency budgets are cut again?  They seem to keep on managing with what they have, right?  They keep just absorbing the cuts, time after time.  But that’s because most of us don’t live next to an environmental and public health tragedy all day every day and night, that we cannot escape.     


Most of us are enjoying the coming of autumn, watching leaves fall, feeling the air’s chill in the evening, watching that incredible equinox light, trying to get outside as much as we can, to squeeze in bike rides and long walks, raking leaves, carving pumpkins, cleaning out gardens, planting mums, and new bulbs and shrubs for spring. 


But some Michiganders can’t spend more than a few minutes outside their homes because the stench from manure on the field next to their house will knock them down.  It makes their eyes water, their throats burn, and it just stinks incredibly all the live long day and night. 


Please take a look at http://www.nocafos.org/stench.htm.  Please take a look at this selection of posts on the site, these are just the entries for SEPTEMBER 2007 (I added color for emphasis.)  Know that further cuts means that Michigan has made a willful decision to just sacrifice these places, to just give them over to these so-called “bad apples”.  Know what?  There are areas like this all over Michigan, they’re just not all as well documented.  


Sept 24 - Hartland Farms spraying all over the place: at Dowling and M-34 AGAIN (see July 13, July 25-26). Awful emissions downwind. Dowling Hwy pulverized to sand pits at several locations from the heavy hauling and dry conditions. Also spreading east of Hughes south of Beecher and surface applying at the corner of Henning and Beecher. Bruinsma applying liquid waste with drag line on NE corner of Seneca and Ridgeville.  Vreba-Hoff tractor with yellow manure tanker at the top of the satellite lagoon on Packard between and 7 and 7:30 this evening. Putting in or taking out? All this spreading right before a rain, go figure. New Flevo has surface applied on the south side of Forrester Road from Wilkinson Hwy all the way to the facility, almost a 1/2 mile. Also surface applying south side of Forrester east of Hawkins Hwy. Bakerlads is surface applying again (see Aug 13 below) northwest corner of Beecher and Morey, also southeast corner of Cadmus and Morey.

Sept 22-24 - massive manure hauling, silage hauling along US-127 by Vreba-Hoff, stirs up clouds of fine particulates, fecal dust, stench for many square miles. The CAFO facility is shrouded in dust. Temp is near 90 on Monday, dry weather. Semis & tankers & manure-haulers barreling fast, back and forth on dusty dirt roads to the US-127 facility--industrial trucking--causes serious air pollution. No one monitors the particulates.  Neighbors have been breathing foul dust and particulates, day after day.

Sept 22-23 - Bakerlads surface applying liquid waste at the northwest corner of Beecher and Morey, no incorporation--"ponded near road and major stench." Also applying southeast corner of Cadmus and Morey Hwy, surface application with no incorporation.

Sept 22 - Hartland Farms spreading starting at 11:30am north of Beecher west of Henning Hwy.
Neighbor says, "It is sad that my son will have to come home to the stench of cowshit on his wedding night."  Also Vreba-Hoff is applying solids, which appears to be sand laden manure, south of Squawfield and east of Tuttle. A Lime Lake resident reports, "Many, many loads. Quite a nasty odor for those downwind." Bill White Farm is spreading liquids just south of VH-2 and east of Elm.

Sept 19-22 - Bleich Farms applying along US-127 makes driving by a breathing hazard. Also Marvin Farms along Beecher, manure sprayed on hayfield is black, not incorporated, stench hangs in the air.

Sept 15 - stench from Hartland Farms application north of Beecher. "Awful. Windows closed...air is heavy."







~Rita Jack



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