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Subject: OUR SYATE, OUR FUTURE: Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition 2007 Summit


For Immediate Release
September 19, 2007
Brandon Knight, (248) 521-4219, Brandon@globalexchange.org

Second Annual Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition Summit, September 28-September 30

200 Michigan Students to Take Lead in Confronting the Climate Crisis and Campus Sustainability

East Lansing, MI—On September 28th through September 30th at Michigan State University, the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition in conjunction with human rights group Global Exchange will host the second annual Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition Summit.   During the Summit, students, youth, activists, energy professionals, professors, U.A.W. workers and the Michigan community will converge to strategize effective solutions for appropriate renewable energy technology in Michigan and on Michigan campuses.
"Michigan as a state is poised to benefit immensely from significant investment in to sustainable technologies and renewable energy," said Midwest Freedom from Oil Student Organizer, Brandon Knight, of Global Exchange. "Michigan has the opportunity to become a the clean energy manufacturing powerhouse of the world, and to bring green economy jobs  to the region, while at theand to helpsame time solveving the climate crisis."  
The Summit is intended to empower Michigan youth to demand a strong Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard for the state and investment in sustainable transportation technology from their universities and colleges. The central focus of the Summit will be the national Campus Climate Challenge, which aims to leverage the power of young people to organize on college campuses and high schools across North America to win 100% Clean Energy policies at their schools.

This year's Summit will feature spokespeople and workshop facilitators from Global Exchange, Rainforest Action Network, the Sustainable Endowment Institute, United Auto Workers, National Wildlife Federation, the Michigan State University Student Organic Farm, the Michigan State University Campus Office of Sustainability, University of Michigan Environmental Issues Commission, and Michigan State University ECO.  The keynote speaker on Friday evening of the summit will be Nigerian human rights leader, Omoyele Sowore, who has spent the last 15 years working to promote democracy in Nigeria, and to stop the militarization and violence that multinational oil companies have brought to his country.
The Summit will offer trainings, workshops, networking and service opportunities.  On Saturday, September 29 over 25 workshops are planned including trainings on: environmental justice, community organizing, corporate campaigning, organizational development, Global Exchange's Freedom from Oil and Transportation Challenge campaigns, sustainable technology, sustainable business, campus organizing and environmental law and policy.  After the workshop period on September 29, participants will split into breakout sessions on regional strategy, establishing a Renewable Energy Portfolio standard in Michigan and sustainable campus transportation.  On September 30th, summit participants will be going in to the surrounding communities of Lansing and East Lansing working on a variety of service projects, in partnership with Allen Neighborhood Center, Habitat for Humanity, and the Michigan State University Student Organic Farm
For more information on the Summit, please call or email Brandon Knight, (248) 521-4219, Brandon@globalexchange.org .