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E-M:/ Camp Wellstone Coming to Michigan, October 5-7 - Lansing

Dear Friend,

Thank you for being a part of the Coalition for Progress - a group of Michigan citizens working for a progressive political agenda to move Michigan forward.

There's a special opportunity coming up. Camp Wellstone is a nationally known weekend-long training program for building grassroots organizing skills. It's for people interested in making change on issues, electing progressive candidates, or running for office themselves. And they are coming to Michigan next weekend!

Register today for Camp Wellstone, October 5-7th, Lansing

Their training is divided into three tracks:
  * Candidate track.   This is for people who have made the decision to run for office.
  * Campaign track.   This track focuses on how to be an effective staff or volunteer member of a winning progressive campaign.
  * Citizen activist track.   For people interested in citizen lobbying, issue advocacy, and community organizing, this track provides skills in how to win on issues.

The cost is $100 or $50 for students, low-income, or unemployed participants.

Find out more. Hope to see you there! And please forward this message on to fellow activists, candidates, and future candidates and staffers.

-Laura and the Coalition for Progress team

P.S. If you can't make it to Lansing this time, check out Camp Millie (a Michigan-based training).  They are offered around the state, including the next one on November 17-18th in Benzonia.

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