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Re: E-M:/ Shutting down Gov't: Who ya gonna call?

This  assumes that when "you" call government,  they might actually respond. I suppose if "you" had an ammonia leak at a school and "you" were in, say, Novi, you might get a speedy response.

When "you" call your trusty DNR and DEQ and senators and congressmen and other elected leaders you are  black and live in Benton Harbor... and you find out that they are in collaboration with a major corporation taking over your park-- and they won't even give "you"--or anyone in your community--say, environmental reports, or, maps, or give you time to speak at meetings, or ....wait, your Congressman is in the family of the major corporation that gave money to the governor.... then "you" don't get government to work for you at all.

NOW who ya gonna call?

There has been plenty of money earmarked for pet projects that benefit Governor Granholm's campaign contributors like Whirlpool executives and state police complex landlords.

When will the rest of the State stand up to this outrage and get government to answer to and represent the people, especially communities like Benton Harbor, instead of corporations and special interests who pay their way to push huge boondoggles like the Harbor Shores Elite Golfers' Paradise? (Which isn't a done deal by the way).

We must save Jean Klock Park from a Michigan government answering to power, not the people.

Take a little time off guys, and think about who you truly serve.

LuAnne Kozma

Anne Woiwode <Anne.Woiwode@sierraclub.org> wrote:
By Monday we may be forced to test the theory posited by some pundits and electeds that government is over-rated.  Who needs it?
So, think about ?who ya gonna call?? when there is a pollution disaster in your neighborhood.  How?s about hydrogen sulfide from a sour gas well?  What about an overflowing toxic waste lagoon spilling into the lake?  And what about spills on the highways that drain into drinking water sources?   Maybe an ammonia leak near a school  -- oh, maybe the schools will not be open for long anyway.
State government IS shutting down.  We hear that legislative staff have been told that they should not expect to show up Monday.  Emergency meetings in the Administration have been deciding how to shut it all down -- prisons are staying open, but not much else. 
So when the lights and the voting board in the House and Senate Chambers get shut off for non-payment of electric bills, will they be able to buy a chalk board and chalk to keep track of votes?
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