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E-M:/ Stonington Peninsula and the usfs

interesting item on the national forest in the upper peninsula




craig harris

department of sociology

michigan state university




15) It seems as though the United States Forest Service is intent on destroying the beauty of our Stonington Peninsula. First with the horrible mess left by strong winds on the route to the lighthouse. Many huge trees had fallen into a tangled ugly mess and the USFS decided it was best left that way. They saw no need for anyone to cut the huge cedar and other species of fallen trees into lumber or pulp or firewood. Lets just leave the ugly mess there to rot and be an eyesore. Second, they fell a lot of trees on a path along side County Road 513 that ORVs were using, leaving another ugly mess. The ORVs weren’t hurting anything and there was no erosion from it. Now the ORVs are forced to use the county road to travel on. Many are locals and just putt along for pleasure. Now the latest destruction by the USFS is on the trail between Graal Shores and Sunset Beach. It is appalling to think that this is our tax dollars hard at work. I have personally had the pleasure of walking on that trail and many others in our beautiful forests. I wonder how long it will be before the taxpayers of this county will not be allowed to walk or ride on any of our public property, thanks to the USFS. http://www.dailypress.net/stories/articles.asp?articleID=13757