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Re: E-M:/ Shutting down Gov't: Who ya gonna call?

Today the Civil Service Commission meets to vote on overturning State Union Contracts. Once the ruling is made, State Workers will not get due notice for layoffs per legally binding contracts. The State will in effect BREAK contracts.  Can any of you imagine the auto companies getting away with doing something like this? There would be massive walkouts and strikes. But State Workers will NOT do this because--huh- legally according to the contract they cannot. Seems sortof one-way...
The Legislature has had EIGHT MONTHS to put a budget together.  Instead, they are going to throw tens of thousands of people temporarily out of work-and for how long?  People with families, mortgages, bills.  Maybe we can get unemployment- depends if those offices will remain open. The State has cut and cut and cut BILLIONS for years. Cutting alone will NOT solve long-term economic problems with the State. I have seen independent studies of the Fiscal Climate of this State and the projections. It isn't pretty without increase revenues coming into the state.  I have seen some of the legislative proposals-they include cutting over 140 DEQ workers as well as cuts to the 'human environment', putting the health of the intertwined Natural and Human environments at risk. Continued cutting  will not solve the problem next year or the year after or the year after.
Now I hear  from an email to this group that from what was observed,  (as I suspected) one party is trying to make the other look bad,  by 'destroying the state'  in order to 'win it back' in November!?!   Nice priorities..
sorry if this is off subject-as a 20+ yr state worker and citizen of this state it sickens me the politics that are being played out to the detriment of all. All this over $5-10 a week  in proposed increases for a family making $60,000 .   
Diane and Jerry Constable

"I will make a palace fit for you and me
of green days in forest and blue days at seas."

-Robert Louis Stevenson

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