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Re: E-M:/ Who will be in charge? Who WILL we call?

Please refer to the Survey of Accidential and Intentional Releases of Hydrogen Sulfide at mecprotects.org.
While the Survey has not been updated, releases that place citizens in harms way continue throughout the state with DEQ response maintaining status quo.
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From: Rita Jack
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 11:40 AM
Subject: E-M:/ Who will be in charge? Who WILL we call?

Michigan ?

My friends in Lenawee County report major recent events at www.nocafos.org.  Included is a PDF of the remarkable Sept 13 DEQ letter indicating nobody's in charge at Vreba-Hoff and the operations now pose "a grave threat to public health and the environment.".


What I want to know is, as of Monday, with some huge portion of the DEQ staff laid off for some indeterminate time ? WHO will be in charge there to deal with this grave threat to public health and the environment?  


Robert McCann ? can you please advise us who we should call in case of an environmental disaster? 





Rita Jack

Water Sentinels Project, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

tel:  517-484-2372


Make all Michigan's waters fishable and swimmable.



BULLETINS: Sept 26 - Attorney General's office orders Vreba-Hoff to pay $141,500 in penalties for multiple violations over the last two months; also orders removal of 350 cows.

Sept 13 - DEQ notes "Vreba-Hoff has allowed conditions to further deteriorate to the point the Dairy Operations now pose a grave threat to public health and the environment." (see pdf of full DEQ letter)