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E-M:/ Vreba Hoff CAFO - NEW violations - Ohio considers enforcement action against Vreba-Hoff

The Vreba-Hoff Dairy CAFO in Lenawee/Hillsdale Counties continues to violate the Clean Water Act and their Interim Court Order with sewage discharges and more. New violations documents have been posted the Sierra Club’s virtual press conference webpage:  http://www.michigan.sierraclub.org/issues/cafos/vpc.shtml (direct links are also pasted in below). The press conference took place on this Thursday.


A document just obtained from the Ohio Department of Agriculture (to be posted on the above website soon) indicates that Vreba Hoff is hauling waste to Ohio for disposal in an unauthorized facility at another Vreba Hoff associated CAFO. The letter indicates that the Ohio Department of Agriculture “…reserves the right to take enforcement action against Vreba-Hoff for unauthorized use of the Chesterfield Dairy for temporary manure storage…”


Here are links to recent violations letters to Vreba-Hoff from the DEQ and Attorney General, along with a Water Bureau water inspection report showing water samples downstream from Vreba Hoff discharge sites with E.coli levels at over 350,000 cfu/100ml (water quality standard for E. coli is 300 cfu) :


         • Vreba-Hoff Presentation, in PowerPoint (4Mb) or .PDF (2Mb) format.  (The content is the same—pdf loads faster.)

        DEQ Letter of August 7, 2007

        DEQ Letter of August 24, 2007.

        DEQ Notice Letter of August 31, 2007.

        DEQ Letter of September 13, 2007.

        DEQ Letter of September 17, 2007.

        Attorney General's letter of September 26, 2007.

        DEQ Water Bureau Post Inspection Report.

        Sierra Club Statement.

        More about Vreba-Hoff Dairy.



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