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E-M:/ Satish Kumar speaks at MSU, Gandhi's Birthday

We are pleased to welcome Satish Kumar to Michigan State University to speak on Gandhi’s birthday, October 2nd, 7:30 pm in the Erickson Hall Kiva.


Satish has been at the forefront of moving the world community towards a sustainable future. He has been the long-time editor of Resurgence, arguably the longest published journal dealing with sustainability which recently celebrated 40 years of publishing. He co-founded and has been director of programs at Schumacher College since the early 1990’s and he is written a number of books that capture the ethos of sustainability, including The Buddha and the Terrorist and You Are, Therefore I Am.


During the Cold War, Satish left his home in New Delhi with simply the clothes on his back and walked to Moscow and then Paris, London and eventually Washington, to encourage the nuclear nations to disarm.


His remarkable life has affected many, including many of the speakers that have been part of MSU’s UN Decade of Education For Sustainable Development speaker series – Terry Tempest Williams, Vandana Shiva, Sara Parkin, Peter Blaze Corcoran and Laury Hammel. Laury who was here last Spring wrote to me recently,"Satish Kumar is a visionary who puts his forward thinking ideas into practice both in his life and his work.  His way of being models his philosophy of love and cooperation.  He's one of the most inspiring speakers I've heard on sustainability and spirituality.  I strongly encourage everyone to attend one of his presentations."  


Satish talk is entitled, “Strides To  Sustainable Future”.


It is sponsored by the following units: Residential Initiative for the Study of Environment, Sustainable Michigan Endowed Project, the College of Social Science, Residential College for Arts and Humanities, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, Office of the Provost, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, University Committee for a Sustainable Campus and the Office of Campus Sustainability.





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