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Re: E-M:/ Anatomy of a Catastrophe

Enviro-Mich message from "Alexander J. Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com>

Dear Kathy:

You said this....

"I truly wish we could fire each and every elected official and start over.  What an embarrassment to our state.  They should all be ashamed"

While I feel like this sometimes, let's be really clear about who
in Michigan government is the cause of the present 
dysfunction.   The reason the shutdown is happening is
that the Republican majority in the Michigan Senate thinks
that it is more important to make a point about not raising 
taxes when a raise is justified than to ensure the continuation 
of Michigan government operations for the benefit of Michigan 

This, unfortunately, is part of both a state and national trend with 
the Republican party as a political institution.   This political 
party has grown to be the one that wants to drown government in 
a bathtub in the words of Grover Norquist.   This party hates government
and they want to choke it off by using the taxation and budget 
process and even incurring massive
deficits to eliminate massive government functions.

It didn't use to be this way.   We used to have people like Bill 
Milliken who were exemplary, decent and wise leaders in the 
Republican party.   

Many conservative Republicans used to consider themselves as
conservationists and strongly embraced all of those traditions.  
Remember that it was Richard Nixon that signed the original 
landmark Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act amendments in 
the early 1970's....and George Bush's father signed the 1990 
amendments to the Clean Air Act. 

But at both the state and particularly national 
level, many moderate Republicans were ultimately pushed out of 
leadership positions.   Even former Senate Lincoln Chaffee of 
Rhode Island, premier Republican environmentalists, has just left the 


The Republican Party is now dominated by extreme elements.  At 
the national level it has embraced truly unamerican concepts in 
pre-emptive war, abolition of civil liberties and constitutional 
protections,  and elimination of environmental controls.   The 
Republicans, in league with conservative Democrats of the 
Democratic Leadership Council (i.e. Bill Clinton and other NAFTA/WTO
supporters), embraced 
trade agreements that have led to massive loss of jobs and 
de-industrialization of the United States.   The same set of
politicians has now put us on a course for a permanent wartime
condition, suspension of civil liberties and many other un-american
courses of action..

I don't know if the Republican Party is going to figure out that
they cannot be the ideologues that bring down government and still 
remain in power.    I think they are going to have to hit bottom before
they realize that their extreme positions are not going to be supported
by Michigan and US citizens before they once again embrace 
moderation, conservation, fiscal integrity, constitutional government
and other widely held values of Michigan and US citizens.   In the 
present case, I don't think Michigan Republican state senators learned 
anything when Newt Gingrich tried to bring the federal government to 
a stop using the budget process.

So, don't blame all politicians for the pending shutdown.   That is what
those who are really to blame want you to do so they can evade the 
spotlight of accountability for their actions.   It is the Michigan 
Republicans who are pursuing the Katrina/FEMA approaches to 
addressing Michigan government fiscal problems.

Alex Sagady

At 12:39 AM 09/29/2007, The Henry's wrote:
>Just my two cents worth, but according to local TV (5, CBS, most popular), in the Saginaw/Midland/Bay City area,  the shut down of government means:
>Oh my God, the casinos and lottery will close, and we might run out of liquor.  Deer hunters might not get to test their kill for T.B., and personal sales of vehicles might be delayed because the Secretary of State would be closed.  Car dealerships would not be effected.
>While these might be important things to some in Mid-Michigan, is there really any wonder why we have gotten to this point?
>I truly wish we could fire each and every elected official and start over.  What an embarrassment to our state.  They should all be ashamed.
>Kathy Henry
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>If this is off topic when it is grist for all Independents, Democrats and Republicans, then what in the world is on topic? 
>Thanks for sending this classic.
>Bob Marshall
>On Sep 28, 2007, at 8:12 AM, David Holtz wrote:
>Perhaps I am on the edge of being off-topic with this post, but with so much at risk for Michigan's environmental protection, with the Senate majority proposing to absolutely gut enforcement, drinking water programs, air quality programs, and leaders of all stripe seemingly unable to lead, it is a reasonable thing for us to discuss how did we get to this point and where do we go from here?  
>This diary posting <http://www.michiganliberal.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=10196>Anatomy of a Catastrophe under the pseudonym Hazen Pingree (the dead governor) is a good place to begin with the question, How did we get to this point?.  --David
>Robert Marshall
>Festina Lente

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