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E-M:/ Communique' from Jean Klock Park Preservation Supporters - Benton Harbor

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Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 21:31:18 EDT
Subject: Numerous Important Updates
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Dear Supporters for the preservation of Jean Klock Park,
Even though we havenâ??t updated you for some time we want you to know that weâ??ve been hard at work and are still in the deep in the trenches. We can tell you with confidence that the Harbor Shores proposal for Jean Klock Park is STILL not a done deal!!!!
The conversion proposal is in the hands of the National Park Service who we feel will deny the conversion and mitigation of Jean Klock Park.
For the past two months we have been extremely active with the new and unexpected developments that have been taking place. We have been updating the website a little at time and feel that itâ??s finally ready to update you on.
Please visit the following pages of the website to review the new information that weâ??ve compiled and included since our last update to you:
  We are holding a meeting at the Benton Harbor Library on Wednesday October 3rd at 6:30. I will be there at 6:00 to set up. Please feel free to come early and ask questions as we will only have a short time to fill the public in on what needs to be done collectively.
As always please pass this on to others who care about the preservation of Jean Klock Park.
And please revisit the â??How to Helpâ?? page at: 
Your donations are greatly appreciated and extremely important to the cause.
Thank you all,
Carol Drake
Vice President
Friends of Jean Klock Park

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