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RE: E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update 10-1-07

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com>

I can understand how some small business owners feel
like they're being singled out especially when some
industries were exempted from the new service tax. But
let's keep in mind, we're all going to feel the
effects of the new taxes as well as the cuts that are
going along with them. In some cases, small businesses
will have to absorb those increases but many of these
costs will be passed along to the users and consumers.

Let's also keep in mind that much of the current state
problem can be traced back to years of rolling back
the state income tax and state single business tax
even when it was clear that those lower tax rates
weren't bringing in the revenues to cover the level of
state services. Or, you can go back to Proposal A that
shifted the costs for public education from the local
level to state government. Those have created a
structure where the taxes paid don't support the level
of services that Michigan residents have become
accustomed to getting. Studies have shown that even if
the economy recovers soon, the state is facing an
ongoing cycle of budget deficits:


The problems we have today didn't happen overnight.
They are a result of policy decisions made and
supported by both Democrats and Republicans and
ultimately by all of us as voters who elected the
people who made these decisions. While those tax
returns probably looked good a few years ago, if the
state had been more prudent about how it managed the
tax rates, we might not be in this position today. 

Andrew Mutch

--- Anne Couture <couture@jasnetworks.net> wrote:

> Well said!  It's so typical for the small businesses
> to take the brunt of
> it, and be sorely overlooked when it comes to tax
> breaks, incentives for
> investment, etc.  Small businesses are the economic
> engine of Michigan in
> these hard times; why penalize them when everyone
> here in Michigan is
> struggling to make a go of it?  I love Michigan, but
> I hate what politics
> has done to it over the last 15 years.
> Anne P. Couture
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> Richland, MI 49083
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